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What clothes do I wear for a trip to Morocco?

Many times, we have doubts in relation to which clothes we should take on a trip. But, when it comes to Morocco, the doubts are greater, since, being a Muslim country, we do not want to make a mistake with the clothing.

If you have reached this post, it is because you are preparing a trip to morocco and you don’t know what kind of clothes he should wear over there.

Very easy. Morocco is a Muslim country But it is different from other Arab countries, tourists are allowed western clothing without any kind of restriction.

When we go on an organized group trip, that is, with an accompanying Moroccan guide, the organization itself informs us of the recommended clothing.
Comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes. Do not exaggerate much in the necklines, despite the fact that, mainly in summer, groups of young students usually travel to Morocco wearing shorts (shorts), regatta-type shirts or strapless, without problems.

a trip to morocco

But, if you travel alone, I recommend wearing more discreet clothes, but, at no time will you need to wear long-sleeved shirts, cover your head with scarves, or a long dress.

I usually travel with comfortable pants and sneakers. At night, I really like to be comfortable and I also take the opportunity to wear one of the Arab dresses (for pleasure) not out of obligation.


When visiting the Mosque, it is essential to wear a shirt (which covers the shoulders), it does not have to be long sleeves. And long pants. It is not necessary to cover the head.

Wearing a swimsuit in Morocco

Hotel: In hotels there will be no problem in using swimsuits, bikini, as they are environments that are designed for tourists.

Beach: Moroccan women do not usually bathe as in the West, they wear a special clothing that covers their entire body. If you go to a beach, find out beforehand if it is possible to wear a swimsuit.

In Saidia for example and in some beaches of Casablanca they are adapted for tourists and you can use swimsuits or bikini. In Casablanca there is a paid beach reserved for tourists.

In Agadir and Essaouira it is also very common to see tourists in swimsuits.

I hope I have helped clarify your doubts in relation to this topic.

If you have more questions, leave a comment below.

Good trip!

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