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Trips to Morocco from Seville


Trips to Morocco from Seville

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Enjoy your vacation with our Trips to Morocco from Seville . Tours and Getaways to Morocco with a guide in Spanish, visits, Hotels, Insurance.

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trip to Tangier Morocco

Travel to Tangier Morocco from Seville 2 days

40 hours

Tkts Fast ferry
Official guide
Walking tour
1 night Hotel

From299 €
View Details
Trip to Morocco cheap weekend

Getaway to Morocco

Weekends in Morocco !

Tkts Fast Ferry
Optional Friday transfer from Malaga / Costa del Sol / Seville to Algeciras (optional)
Visits to Tetouan + Tangier + Chaouen
Full board
2 hotel nights or 1 hotel night
Friday return Sunday or Saturday return Sunday

From145 €
(48 Reviews)
View Details
Low cost getaway
getaway to morocco

Trip to Morocco Rif 2 days

2 days

Tkts Fast ferry + Bus from Algeciras
Visit Tetouan + Chefchaouen
Full board
1 night hotel in Tetouan
Saturday return Sunday

From145 €
View Details
medina in morocco

Excursion to the Blue Town Morocco Chaouen and Tetouan

2 days

Tkts Fast ferry + Bus from Algeciras
Visit Tetouan + Chefchaouen
Full board
1 night in Chefchaouen
Daily departures (except Saturday)

From210 €
(25 Reviews)
View Details
Trip to Morocco cheap weekend

Trip to Morocco 3 days

3 days

Tkts Fast Ferry
Bus from Malaga / Costa del Sol / Seville to Algeciras (optional)
Visit Tetouan + Tangier + Chefchaouen
Full board
2 nights hotel Tetouan
Friday Return Sunday

From185 €
(50 Reviews)
View Details
Departures 2023
Viajar a Marrakech

Trip to Marrakech 5 days

5 days

Tkts Fast Ferry
Bus from Malaga / Costa del Sol / Seville to Algeciras (optional)
Visit Assilah + Casablanca + Marrakech + Rabat
Half pension
4 nights hotel Casablanca and Marrakech
Wednesday Return Sunday

From379 €
(25 Reviews)
View Details
Trips to Morocco from Seville

Excursion to Morocco 1 day

10 hours

Tkts Fast ferry + Bus from Algeciras
Visit Tetouan and Ceuta
typical lunch
daily departures

From79 €
View Details

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If you are on vacation in Spain, enjoy our Trips to Morocco from Seville , you should know all the options you have to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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We offer Tour to Morocco from Spain so you can get to know and discover the most beautiful corners of North Africa

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Our recommendation is that you choose among the options that we have excursions that may please you and your family. All of them have a Spanish-speaking accompanying guide, which will make you enjoy your trip a lot.

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If you are planning your vacation, you can enjoy our Tours to Morocco from Seville . With Almanatour you will enjoy an unforgettable day to discover Morocco. Add + emotion to your trip with unforgettable moments knowing the most beautiful corners of Andalusia.

What are the main cities of Morocco?

Main cities of Morocco

Morocco is a very big country. Contrasts of roads, time and travel. Do you know where the desert dunes are? Pertod, Marrakech or near Fez? With this brief guide you can travel to Morocco and discover its main cities.

Own experience traveling to Morocco . Because In 2015 I had the opportunity to take a day trip from Tangier to Marrakech by train. You need to visit some cities in Morocco . I recommend some very interesting packages: trips to Morocco , made to Morocco, from Portugal , from Tangier and Spain
It is a long trip of almost 9 hours, since in Casablanca we have to change trains.
But the trip itself was nice, I traveled with my sister without incident. Two young girls alone and everything went perfectly.

Tours to Morocco

For the return, I went back by train from Fez to Tangier, because the same thing, a cabin for 6 people with its table. It is true that the train is old, but the trip was very good. Morocco has a partnership with France, old trains are shipped to Morocco.


From January 2018, the first TGV high-speed train track in Morocco is scheduled to open, leaving Tangier and Rabat just 2 hours away. The forecast is that the train will arrive in Marrakech in another year. (Updating the information on 03/21/2018): The train did not open and the new forecast is 2020.

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MARRAKECH was founded in 1062 by the Almoravid sultan Yousef Ibn Tachfin, it was during the reign of his son, Ali, that tunnels were built to irrigate the city’s many gardens.
Marrakech is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco, which fascinates visitors with its contrasting colors: the red of the houses, the green of the palm trees and the white of the High Atlas mountains.

CASABLANCA is located between Fez and Marrakech is the largest city in Morocco. 10% of the inhabitants of Morocco live there. Very important Because It is the financial, industrial and economic capital of the country.
The city was twice destroyed by the Portuguese in 1468 and 1515. Sixty years later, the Portuguese rebuilt the city with fortresses and named it Casa Blanca .
Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah, an Alawite sultan, began its reconstruction, giving it the name of Dar el Beida. The Spaniards who lived from the end of the century. XVIII baptized the city as Casablanca

The capital of Morocco

RABAT is the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, it has a population of 1,344,000 inhabitants (including Salé). Located by the sea, at the mouth of the Bu-Regreg, very important Because it is the administrative and political capital of Morocco .

In the place that Rabat now occupies, was the town of Chella, called Sala Colonia by the Romans. In the 12th century it was the capital of the Almoravid empire. In this city is the Royal Palace. It is the seat of the government, the ministries and the central administration. The city is dominated by the Hassan tower, which is about 44 meters high.

north of morocco

TANGIER Located at the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, Tangier overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar.
Its proximity to Europe, about 14 km, has allowed it to have privileged ties with the continent since ancient times.
Tangier was once one of the most cosmopolitan metropolises in the Mediterranean. Many Europeans still live there.
Between 1923 and 1956, the city was subjected to a regime of international administration.
Tangier is the most important free zone in Morocco and the bridge that connects Africa with the European continent.

AGADIR Agadir (Arabic: أڭادير, Tifinagh: ⴳⴰⴷⵉⵔ), formerly known as Santa Cruz do Cabo de Gué, is a city in southern Morocco located north of the mouth of the Suz (Souss) River, on the Atlantic Ocean coast.

DESERT Located in North Africa, it has a total area of 9,065,000 km², its area comparable to that of Europe (10,400,000 km²) and the area of the United States, and larger than the area of many continental countries. like Brazil. , Australia and India. The name Sahara is a transliteration of the Arabic word صحراء, which in turn is the translation of the Tuareg word tenere (desert).

blue city of morocco

CHEFCHAOUEN Curiosity about Chefchaouen arose when the first images of the so-called Blue City , in northern Morocco, were published. The city that painted the walls and houses because of mosquitoes – at least that was the reason they gave us – became even more visited because of this photogenic effect, which makes it impossible to stop taking pictures.

I recommend you travel at night to buy the 4-bed cabin so you can travel more comfortably, I have heard that at night it is not good to have a shared cabin because you do not know who is going to touch you … but the price is not so expensive and it is worth it .

What is the capital of Morocco

Rabat is the Capital of Morocco

Rabat: the second most populous city in Morocco

Let’s visit the city of Rabat , the capital of Morocco . It is located on the southern coast of the Atlantic coast, specifically at the mouth of the Bu Regreg River , its surface is 418 square kilometers. With a population of 1,622,860 inhabitants, because it is considered the second most populous city in Morocco.

Brief history of Rabat

To talk about its history is to lose ourselves in centuries of time. It all started in the 3rd century BC. C. It was a settlement called Chellah . It turned out to be a settlement of the Romans, who took over for a time.
Much later, it came under the French administration; It even had relevance in World War II. However, time has made its magnificence grow.

Royal Palace

Visit to the exteriors of the Royal Palace . It is one of them, because in all the big cities of Morocco the King has a Palace. In the case of Rabat, it is the main residence, since it is the Capital Palace of the country. Groups will visit the exteriors daily (entrance is prohibited)

The Chellah necropolis

Rabat also offers several places to relax in its surroundings, such as the Chellah Necropolis, an ancient Roman and medieval complex. Located just 2 km from the center of the metropolis. In addition, it concentrates the largest agglomeration of people in Rabat.
It is worth noting that the necropolis gate is flanked by two semi-octagonal towers that open onto a modest but beautiful ten-hectare oasis.

Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Rabat

Also, the majestic Cathedral of San Pedro in Rabat is a beautiful work that is worth visiting. It was contributed in honor of San Pedro. It is located in Golan Square, formerly known as Cardinal Lavigerie Square.

It was built in 1918 by the great architect and builder M. Laforgue. Currently, the cathedral maintains its religious activities, especially its Sunday mass. See here for more information on Rabat Cathedral .

The Dar-al-Mahkzen

It is worth mentioning that in Rabat is the Dar-al-Mahkzen, it refers to the main and official residence of the King of Morocco. Its extensive gardens and other surrounding areas were designed in accordance with French formality and Moorish traditions.
The palace is located from the mechouar. Its buildings are in line with traditional single-family houses. The palace contains the Royal College, a library with a collection of Hassan II’s manuscripts, and a cooking school.


There are many hotels and some riads in Rabat. We recommend searching BOOKING.COM for offers of hotels and tourist apartments in the city.

What is a Riad


What is a riad. Differences with a hotel and resort

Riads in Morocco

Historic adobe mansions with a beautiful, airy internal courtyard, often containing a swimming pool, are an oasis of calm within the hectic Medina. Because in recent decades, with the explosion of this type of accommodation in the city (the majority run by Europeans, who buy the old buildings, plan a good reform and increase the premises with tiles, handicrafts and many plants), the word riad It is returned synonymous with quality inn, but it is not always cheap.
And staying in a riad is living the most authentic Morocco until bedtime. In time: the vast majority of the riads in Marrakech are spread out through alleys of the Medina, inaccessible by car. Don’t wait for the luggage porters from the taxi to your riad.

luxury riad

The category of Riads. You will find different offers of Riads, luxury palaces with services similar to 5 * hotels, even the cheapest ones like small hostels.
There are luxury riads in Fez, Marrakech, Tangier, with incredible rooms and spaces of pure magic. Many of them are similar to 4 * hotels and therefore more accessible, but without losing quality.


Some Riads, similar to hostels and pensions, offer other services that are not like hotels either: the reception is usually a table, dinner is only served if requested a day in advance, and amenities such as shampoo and the like are left in pots. which are replenished regularly.

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Almanatour is a travel agency that offers Trips to Morocco from Seville with many possibilities to make circuits to Morocco or tours to Morocco with guides, visits and hotels.

Trips to Morocco from Seville and also our excursions in Spain:

Trips to Morocco from Seville. Enjoy your vacation and take our tours to Morocco. Chaouen, Tangier and more

How to get to Morocco
On our trips to Morocco we have guides at all airports and ports who will receive you and accompany you throughout the trip.

Our visits to Morocco include dinners with shows, lively evenings, cultural tours that will make you enjoy all the possibilities that exist in the country.

The best offers to travel to Morocco from Seville. Excursions and Getaways to Morocco
Trips to Morocco from Spain

Trips to Morocco from Seville in different formats, on weekends, holidays, long weekends and holidays, 01-day excursions to Morocco.

We have endless trips to discover cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez , the blue city of Chaouen , the Moroccan desert spending the night in an Arab tent. Dinners and experiences with the best tour guides.

Trips to Morocco from Seville .

Our trips to Morocco from Seville start at any airport in the country, or we have the option of embarking from the south of Spain and crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

There are numerous options to travel to Spain and travel to Morocco from Seville with Almanatour. Get ready to travel with us.

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